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Who's Who from Det B-52(Project DELTA) Specific Assignment Unknown (Partial Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, assigned to Detachment B-52 (Project DELTA). If you were assigned to B-52 or you can correct any errors or can add any names or [ESPECIALLY HELPFUL] identify the assignments for the names on this page, or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the team discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

I have broken Project DELTA into the following groupings:
[Command Group & Attached Air Force][B-52 Staff][BDA/SRP/RR/Recon][Ranger Advisors][Assignments Unknown]

Buskirk Donald G   SP4          
Prater Delmar   SP4          
Nomura Anthony 'Tony' SFC 05/01/64     NO ORDERS Y
Edge William E "Bill" SFC 05/01/64 07/09/64 INTEL A1/334A Y
Courtney Thomas J   SFC 05/01/64 06/25/64 WPNS A-733  
Minnicks Charles J "Skip" SFC 05/01/64 10/19/64 LT WPNS A5/113 Y
From 3/01/64, A1/132B (Hal Guarino and John Voter's split A) and its successer (Larry O'Neil and Herman Kennedy), assigned to the Nha Trang Security Force at Dien Khanh worked closely with Project Delta. Another TDY team, under Leland Luck and Carl Pratt, may have had a similar relationship.
Zaky Arif R   MSG 06/12/64 07/20/64 TM SGT A1/313 Y?
Mattox Robert D   MSG 06/08/64 12/10/64   B1/110 Y
Luttrell Bruce I   SFC 06/12/64 12/14/64   B1/110 MIA
Smullen Wilbert A   SFC 06/12/64 12/14/64   B1/110 D?
Elkins Harry F   SSG 08/01/64 11/23/64   A1/433 (Luttrell) Y
Akers Billy J   SFC 08/01/64 12/21/64 MEDIC A1/312 Y
Engelbrecht Melvin L "Red" SSG 08/01/64 12/21/64 DEMO A1/332 D
Slover John M   MSG 08/01/64 11/13/64 TM SGT A5/114  
Daulton Monte J   SSG 08/01/64 12/05/64 RAD OP A-751(Andrews) Y
Donohue Michael B   SP5 08/01/64 10/30/64 DEMO Assign?  
Zaky Arif R   MSG 06/12/64 07/20/64 TM SGT A1/313 Y?
Schell Lawrence P   SFC 08/01/64 09/01/64 INTEL A5/134 Y
Senkewich Arthur R   SGM 08/01/64 09/14/64 Field SGM B1/330  
Guertin Joseph E R   MSG 08/01/64 12/28/64 S-3 NCO B1/410 Y
DeLucia August R   SGT 08/01/64 02/03/65 MEDIC A1/???  
Hoagland George A   SGT 08/01/64 12/21/64 DEMO A1/333 KIA
Kamerling Richard H "Dick" CPT 08/01/64 11/13/64 RNGR SA A5/511(Snider) YE
Garvey James E "Jim" 1LT 08/01/64 11/13/64 RNGR DSA A5/122 YE
Beltch Lyle W   SGT 08/01/64 11/13/64 RAD OP A5/114 (Coates) Y
Morgan John T "Jack" SSG 08/01/64 11/30/64 DEMO A-728 (Hale) D
Cerone Daniel T   SP5 08/01/64   MEDIC A1/414 (Brande) Y?
Terry Ronald T   SSG 10/27/64 04/30/65 DEMO A1/324 (Battistoni) MIA
Smythe Earl J "Jack" SFC 11/06/64 05/10/65 INTEL A1/331 Y
Weber Norbert F   SFC 12/01/64 08/31/65 LT WPNS B5/213 Y
Blackmer Charles I   SSG 01/01/65   DEMO A5/511 Recon Y
Dexter Edward C   SFC 01/01/65   MEDIC A5/111 w/A-521  
Maeda Donald M   SSG 01/01/65   RAD OP A5/111  
Moore Lloyd H Sr SFC 01/01/65   LT WPNS A5/511  
Parrack Cecil T Jr SGT 01/01/65   RAD OP A5/511 YE
Williams Jack L   SFC 01/01/65   INTEL A5/511 Y
Confer Ernest J   SP5 01/01/65 01/01/66   B-601  
Berryhill George T   MSG 01/01/65       Y
Jones Donald L   SSG 01/01/66   LT WPNS    
Black Steven R   SP5 03/01/66        
Tabak Morris   SP5 06/01/66     NO ORDERS Y
Glidden Arthur   SFC 06/01/66 11/09/66     KIA
Retterer John M   1LT 06/01/66       YE
Drisko Richard W   CPT 06/01/66 10/01/66     Y
Spencer William E   SGT 06/01/66 01/25/67     KIA
Turner Jonah R   SFC 09/01/66 01/01/67 Intel   Y
Samide Kurt M   SP4 01/01/67 08/04/67   medevaced Y
Walsh William P   2LT 01/01/67     commissioned YZ
Talaroc Raymond R   SP4 12/28/66 08/05/68      
Converse Donald B   SGT 01/01/67       Y
Bradley Robert C   SSG 01/01/67        
Brown William W   SSG 01/01/67        
Horne Donald L   SFC 01/01/67        
Potter Ross D   SFC 01/01/67       D
Hadden Mayo A III 1LT 01/01/67 04/04/67     YE
Larrabee Willis F   1LT 01/06/67 04/04/67     Y
Finn Maurice E III SGT 01/27/67        
Spinaio Edward W   1LT 05/01/67 08/09/67      
Slaten Charles M   SP4 06/01/67       Y
?Bowen William J III MSG 07/01/67 7/01/68     D
Phillips Ronald   SSG 08/15/67 08/15/68      
Theriault Samuel S "Frenchy"   MSG 09/01/67 11/27/67     KIA
Lewis David A   1LT 12/14/67 02/11/69   NOR is B-52 correct assign?  
Avery Clarence E Jr PFC 01/01/68        
Ballard Keith A   SP4 01/01/68        
Young Jarrell A   SP4 01/01/68        
Vincent Barry G   SP5 01/01/68        
Fajerson Gustof O   SSG 01/01/68        
Harris R M Jr SSG 01/01/68        
Smith Joseph B W Jr SFC 01/01/68       Y
Walker Irving K Jr SFC 01/01/68       D
Hutson Claude U   SFC 02/11/68 02/10/69      
Freiberger John W   SP4 03/01/68        
Shelton Robert D   SFC 04/01/68 04/01/69      
Parsons Donn D   MSG 04/30/68 01/05/69     Y
Fisher Carl R   1LT 05/14/68 11/17/68      
Rivera Rafael M   SFC 05/22/68 05/16/69      
Walters William M "Pat" Jr SFC 05/24/68 05/18/69      
Legros James R   SSG 06/01/68        
Cottingham Jerry W   SFC 06/01/68       D
Dingman Almon H   SFC 06/02/68 06/01/69     D
Vasquez Jose   SSG 06/09/68 07/01/69      
Gast Noel H   SP6 06/11/68 12/03/68   FM CCN 9/11/67?  
Hester Tamage L   SFC 07/28/68 07/27/69     D
McGeehan John J   1LT 07/28/68       Y?
McKenzie Richard S   SFC 08/05/68 07/27/69      
Chartier Robert A   SFC 08/24/68 08/01/69     Y
Montez Anastacio   SFC 08/27/68       MIA
Rapozo John J Jr SFC 09/05/68 01/13/69   DATES FM AM  
Moran-Bonilla Jose   SSG 09/24/68 09/23/69     Y
Fountain Ernest J Jr SFC 09/24/68 10/09/69      
Knapp Richard D "Rabbit"   SGT 12/15/68 12/14/69      
Magsamen Frederick J   SP4 01/01/69       KIA
Wagner Rainer   SP4 01/01/69        
Crosby Thomas J   SGT 01/01/69        
Smith Don C   SP5 01/01/69        
Thompson James L   SSG 01/01/69        
Morris Ray C   SSG 01/09/69        
Hogan Michael L   PFC 01/18/69 06/01/69      
Cooper Gerald L   SFC 03/01/69 02/15/70      
Pardee Terrance W   SGT 04/01/69 10/20/70     Y
Kuhlman Bruce W   SSG 04/12/69 06/12/70     Y
Anderson Robert A   SP4 04/13/69        
Todd Robert J   SFC 05/06/69 02/05/70      
McCluskey Donald G   SP5 05/21/69 04/26/70      
Wentzel George D   MSG 06/01/69        
Webster Earle E   SFC 06/04/69 06/04/70      
Tremain John D   SP5 06/16/69 06/15/70   31L YE
Wein Joel R   CPT 07/20/69 10/16/69     D
Fabian Agustin R   1LT 07/25/69        
Sckipp Peter J   SSG 08/01/69 02/19/70     Y
Sulawske Michael F   SFC 08/15/69 08/14/70     Y
McKenzie Richard S   SFC 09/03/69 03/01/70      
Pacini Lauren R   SSG 10/12/69 03/09/70   ATTD fm 403RR YE
Hardy Gary J   SP4 10/21/69 10/21/70   NOR  
Williams Richard V Jr SFC 01/01/70 01/26/70     DNH
Williams Robert N   SFC 01/01/70 07/13/70     Y
Devlin Philip F D   SFC 01/12/70 06/01/70     Y
Kirtchen Fred E   SFC 01/20/70 06/30/70     D
Sheffield Johnny   SSG 02/01/70 06/30/70      
Linville Bobby N K   SFC 02/01/70 07/04/70     Y
Sedgwick Michael J   SFC 02/06/70 07/01/70      
Parker James E   SFC 02/07/70 09/08/70     Y
Trevino Jesus   SFC 02/10/70 06/30/70      
Roberts Kenneth L   SFC 02/25/70 06/30/70      
Goodson Billie J   SFC 03/01/70 03/01/71   CCS?  
England Dale R   SFC 04/01/70 09/10/70      
Cooper Brian W   SGT 04/16/70 06/30/70     YE
Steele James D   SFC 05/15/70 07/01/70     Y?
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