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Who's Who from 5th SGF(A) Group S-3 (Operations) (Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, who served in the Group S-3 Section. If you can correct any errors or if you can add any names, particularly those whose specific assignment is unknown, or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the staff section discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Narrative Information: Earlier personnel, serving with US Army Special Forces - Vietnam (Provisional), are noted in the 5th SFGA TDY booklet. It appears that the earlier S-3 Staff operated out of the TOC in Saigon. There is a long list of personnel assigned to HHC whose specific assignment is unknown. This list will be posted at a later date. See also personnel assigned to CLD. The S-3 Staff History, Annex H to the Outline History of SF Participation in the CIDG Program 1961-70, is missing from the three archieval files. If anyone has a copy, please let me know.

Healy Michael D   MAJ 12/01/64   S-3 TOC Y
Goff Lee A   MAJ 02/01/65 08/01/65 S-3   Y
Henry Thomas M   MAJ 06/01/65   S-3   Y
Stone Howard F   MAJ 01/01/66 04/01/66 S-3    
Johnson Stephen R   LTC 07/29/66 06/11/67 S-3    
Weaver Robert N   LTC 06/21/67 11/14/67 S-3    
Pandzic Eckener   LTC 12/09/67 12/08/68 S-3    
Reeder Claire J   LTC 11/29/68 07/26/69 S-3    
Chamberlain George R   LTC 05/24/69 09/13/70 S-3    
Burke Edward J Jr MAJ 09/14/70 03/01/71 S-3 4-1/70-5/9/70?  
McGovern George W Jr CPT 09/01/65 02/19/65 S-3 ASST   DEC
Suhanin William R   CPT 12/15/64 05/27/65 S-3 ASST   Y
Gritz James G 'Bo' CPT 03/20/65 12/04/65 S-3 ASST   Y
Ferguson Kenneth D/A?   CPT 11/25/65 01/01/66 S-3    
Polhemus Richard E   MAJ 01/03/66   S-3 ASST    
Johnson Stephen R   MAJ 03/12/66 07/29/66 S-3 ASST ASSIGN?  
Fenlon James A   CPT 06/01/66 10/01/66 S-3 ASST    
Zachary James L   CPT 12/12/66 07/24/67 S-3 ASST   Y
Tyrrell Edward W   MAJ 12/18/66 09/17/67 S-3 ASST   Y
Perdew Eldon L   CPT 03/12/67 10/02/67 S-3 SD w/B-35  
Garafalo Raymond R   SGM 08/01/65 08/01/66 S-3 NCOIC   YE
Gray Wiley W   MSG 08/01/66 10/01/66 S-3 NCOIC or 63-64? DEC
Johanson John M   SGM 10/08/66 03/01/67 S-3 NCOIC or B-52?  
Ice Fred L   MSG 07/15/67 07/14/68 S-3 NCOIC    
Edge William E Jr 'Bill' MSG 05/19/68 04/16/69 S-3 NCOIC   YE
Kauhaahaa David K Jr MSG 10/22/68 10/21/69 S-3 NCOIC   Y
Garcia Robert A   SSM 11/30/68 06/01/69 S-3 NCOIC    
Rockhold Eugene   SGM 07/25/69 02/25/70 S-3 NCOIC   Y
Kessling John E   SGM 12/17/69 12/13/70 S-3 NCOIC   Y
S-3 OPS (with OB Specialists from S-2, formed AST's)
White Robert W   CPT 02/01/66 08/10/66 S-3 OPS    
Kvederas Robert A   CPT 07/26/66 03/24/67 S-3 OPS   Y
Halteman Lynn S   MAJ 07/25/67 09/24/67 S-3 OPS    
Anderson James H 'JH' MAJ 10/05/67   S-3 OPS    
Manolakis John J   MAJ 03/01/68 10/13/68 S-3 OPS    
Cleckner John E   CPT 09/18/68 11/17/69 S-3 OPS   YE
Tennis Gayland L   MAJ 07/03/69 01/28/70 S-3 OPS    
Randall Donald E   MAJ 10/27/69   S-3 OPS    
Chandler Billy G   MAJ 06/05/70 01/31/71 S-3 OPS    
Norbury Francis M   MSG 03/01/67 10/01/67 S-3 OPS    
Raker Jeffery H   SFC 10/01/67 12/06/67 S-3 OPS   YE
Jaramillo Carlos Jr SSG 08/29/67 08/28/68 S-3 OPS    
Deacon Samuel E Jr CPT 01/04/66 03/14/66 S-3 AST-1   Y
Haas Charles W 'Charlie' CPT 02/01/66 08/20/66 S-3 AST-1    
Bonavolunta Jules J   CPT 06/01/67 09/12/67 S-3 AST-1?   Y
Mellon John W III 'Bill' CPT 11/07/69 03/01/70 S-3 AST-1    
Vandegrift Joseph R 'Bob' CPT 03/18/70 08/01/70 S-3 AST-1   Y
Augsburger Larry E   CPT 07/01/70 01/01/71 S-3 AST 1 &2  
Ventura Charles A Jr SFC 12/01/65 12/01/66 S-3 AST-1    
Raker Jeffery H   SFC 06/10/67 10/01/67 S-3 AST-1   YE
Wood Adrian L Jr SFC 10/01/67   S3-AST-1    
Cade Donald E   SFC 05/29/69 11/02/70 S-3 AST-1   P
Sommariva Vincent J   SP5 01/01/67   S-3 AST-1    
Hobbs William J   SP5 07/11/70 01/01/71 S-3 AST-1 &2  
Bradley Guy F III SSG 03/04/67 03/04/68 S-3 AST-?    
Hanscom John A   SP4 04/05/69 09/01/69 S-3 OPS ASST 11F2S68  
McClaskey John R   CPT 10/05/69 05/05/70 S-3 AST ?    
Lemasters Clark W Sr CPT 07/25/70 01/26/71 S-3 AST-? ASSIGN?  
Fitzgibbon Daniel H   CPT 01/01/69 08/16/69 S-3 AST-2   YE
Binas Bronislaw 'Bruce' SFC 09/01/66 03/01/67 S-3 AST-2   Y
Gross Donald P   SFC 07/15/67   S-3 AST-2 DATES  
Lasher Roy R   SFC 09/22/67 01/01/68 S-3 AST-2    
House Willis F   MSG 12/01/68 01/01/69 S-3 AST-2   KIA
Kusterer Philip J   SSG 10/15/68 05/15/69 S-3 AST-2    
Ryans James R   SSG 04/12/69 04/19/70 S-3 AST-2    
Young Wallace   CPT 10/01/64 05/01/65 S-3 AST-3    
Cummins William Jr CPT 06/01/65 01/12/66 S-3 AST 3    
German Abraham L Jr 'Linc' MAJ 09/27/69 05/15/70 S-3 AST-3 Fm 1/7/69- Y
Dorman Rodney P   CPT 10/05/69 06/16/70 S-3 AST 3    
Hamilton James N   SFC 09/01/66 03/04/66 S-3 AST-3    
Corcoran Gordon G   CPT 12/26/64 12/25/65 S-3 AST-4    
Remling Arthur A II CPT 04/05/65 04/04/66 S-3 AST-4    
Corbin Wesley R   SSG 06/01/66   S-3 AST-4    
McAvinue Kevin P   SSG 01/01/66   S-3 AST 4    
Purnell James E   SP5 11/10/67 05/28/68 S-3 AST-4    
Trevino Severino A   SFC 05/15/70 08/01/70 S-3 AST-4   Y
Orms Robert J   CPT 09/25/66 09/24/67 S-3 PLANS BJ22@A-219  
Wangsgard Chris P   CPT 09/01/67 01/01/68 S-3 PLANS    
Stevens Robert L   MAJ 11/07/67 07/29/68 S-3 PLANS    
Hall James   MAJ 11/01/68 06/01/69 S-3 PLANS    
Buckner James L   MAJ 01/19/69 06/10/69 S-3 PLANS    
McClaskey John R   CPT 07/10/69 10/04/69 S-3 PLANS   Y
Cummings Edward H   MAJ 11/24/69 07/06/70 S-3 PLANS    
Burke Edward J Jr MAJ 05/09/70 09/13/70 S-3 PLANS    
Stanton Thomas W   CPT 10/20/70 02/01/71 S-3 PLANS    
Berg Earl E   CPT 01/01/68 07/13/68 S-3 PLANS    
Miller Burt R III CPT 05/09/68 04/30/69 S-3 PLANS    
Carroll Thomas C   CPT 05/16/69 04/14/70 S-3 PLANS/A FORCE STRUCTURE  
Glemaker Robert W   CPT 03/18/70 05/30/70 S-3 PLANS    
Welch Lonnie J   CPT 06/29/70 02/24/71 S-3 PLANS    
Kiper Richard L Jr CPT 12/01/70 02/01/71 S-3 PLANS FM 199TH INF  
Stone Howard F   MAJ 11/03/65 01/01/66 S-3 AIR GP AVN OFF Y
McKee Claude G   CW3 01/03/66   S-3 AIR    
Stone Howard F   MAJ 04/01/66 11/02/66 S-3 AIR GP AVN OFF Y
McKay Lawrence E Jr CPT 09/20/66 12/26/66 S-3 AIR GP AVN OFF  
McKay Lawrence E Jr MAJ 12/27/66 09/19/67 S-3 AIR GP AVN OFF  
Boyd Barclay A   MAJ 08/14/67 07/15/68 S-3 AVN GP AVN OFF  
Stroh George C   MAJ 04/04/68 11/24/68 S-3 AIR GP AVN OFF  
Houston Jim L   1LT 02/07/69 05/01/69 S-3 AIR or C-3  
Trout Hal H   CPT 07/03/69 01/03/70 S-3 AIR    
Burcham Jerry L   CPT 07/14/69 04/29/70 S-3 AIR    
Roberts Russell C   MAJ 01/01/67   S-3 ALO    
Doar James M   MAJ 01/01/68 03/27/68 S-3 AIR TDY USARV  
Raber Frederick P   SFC 09/01/66 01/01/67 S-3 AIR    
Bright Donald W   SFC 03/05/67 02/28/68 S-3 AIR    
Keller Douglas G   SFC 03/15/69 02/27/70 S-3 AIRNCO    
Jesse Edward E   SSG 04/07/67 04/06/68 S-3 AIR or AVN SECT  
Eveland Edward L   CPT 03/12/66 10/01/67 S-3 (R&D)    
Pingry Thomas E   CPT 03/10/67 08/15/67 S-3 TRNG (R&D)  
Nieuwboer Harry W   CPT 11/07/67 06/22/68 S-3 TRNG    
Knabb John D H   CPT 01/25/68 03/16/69 S-3 TRNG I#124 RCNDO  
Aberg Eric T   CPT 07/07/68 01/20/69 S-3 TRNG    
Gill Howard A Jr CPT 11/22/68 08/01/69 S-3 TRNG    
Neer Michael M   CPT 04/05/69 03/31/70 S-3 TRNG    
Sweeney Robert T   CPT 04/28/69 01/31/70 S-3 TRNG to 4/26/70  
Harper William T III CPT 07/20/69 07/17/70 S-3 TRNG & OPS  
Eblin William S   CPT 03/02/70 07/01/70 S-3 TRNG    
Cavallero Joseph S Jr CPT 05/05/70 01/15/71 S-3 TRNG ?AST OIC? Y
Mize Ola L   MAJ 10/01/66 01/01/67 S-3 SPECOPS   Y
Alexander Bobby   SSG 10/15/66 12/20/66 S-3 SPECOPS   YE
Edstrom Clayton L   SP5 01/01/68 04/03/69 S-3 SPECOPS    
Johnson John C   CPT 12/10/67 07/15/68 S-3 LNO    
Yarborough William L   CPT 07/31/68 01/01/69 S-3 LNO    
Taylor Kenneth N   MAJ 01/09/68 01/01/69 S-3 SP ASST VNSF LNO  
Healey Roger A Jr MAJ 01/11/68 12/12/68 S-3 SP PRJ    
Glassey Robert P   CPT 01/01/69   S-3 SP PROJ    
Kolanowski Stanley J   CPT 03/21/68 01/06/69 S-3 CDO    
Lanning David E   1LT 01/12/69 05/31/69 S-3 CDO CBT DEV OFF  
Sohns Roy W   SFC 11/16/67 11/16/68 S-3 CDO    
Hawkins Bill   PFC 01/01/67   S-3 GRPHCS    
Havel Vaclav   SFC 05/12/67 05/11/68 S-3 GRPHCS    
Richards Edward T   CPT 09/01/65 04/15/66 S-3 ASST    
Van Strien James M   MAJ 03/21/66   S-3 ASST    
Weinfurter Robert J   CPT 09/01/66 01/24/67 S-3 SPECOP    
Dargle John W   CPT 10/01/66 03/20/67 S-3 ASST    
Tomlin Thomas R   SFC 10/01/66 10/01/67 S-3 NCO    
King William L   CPT 01/10/67 12/03/67 S-3 ASST    
Kotrc James C   CPT 01/27/67 04/01/67 S-3 ASST   KIA
Miller William L Jr CPT 02/26/67 05/13/67 S-3 ASST    
Ziegler Jay E   CPT 03/03/67 08/01/67 S-3 ASST    
Walton Joseph A   MAJ 03/10/67   S-3 ASST    
Kuschner Andrew K   MAJ 04/01/67 12/03/67 S-3 ASST    
Ranger David W   MAJ 04/30/67 07/06/67 S-3 ASST ASSIGN? DEC
Hoitt Harold E   CPT 06/10/67 12/21/67 S-3 ASST    
Peters Frederick J   CPT 07/01/67 12/16/67 S-3 ASST    
Haralson John T   CPT 07/05/67 10/20/67 S-3 ASST DEROS: 10/27/68?  
Johnson Harold E   MAJ 07/19/67 12/15/67 S-3 ASST    
Ranger David W   MAJ 09/01/67 11/20/67 S-3 ASST   DEC
May Robert M   MAJ 12/05/67 06/05/68 S-3 ASST    
Bruscas Lawrence C   MAJ 01/12/68 01/11/69 S-3 ASST    
McBroom Claude O   1LT 01/17/68 09/12/68 S-3 ASST or A-503?  
Kelly James A Jr CPT 03/06/68 01/05/69 S-3 ASST    
Schor Stephen H   MAJ 06/10/68 08/04/68 S-3 ASST    
Hall James   MAJ 07/01/68 11/01/68 S-3 ASST    
Nance James H Jr SP4 01/01/66   S-3 CLERK    
Kidd Clifford L Jr SP5 07/01/68 10/02/68 S-3 CLERK   Y
Crysel James W   MAJ 07/12/68 04/03/69 S-3 ASST    
Schor Stephen H   MAJ 08/05/68 01/25/69 S-3 ASST    
McCullough Monte J   MAJ 08/11/68 08/07/69 S-3 ASST    
Fuller Richard A 'Sugar Bear'   CPT 08/25/68 12/23/68 S-3 ASST BSMS 12/23/68-11/13/69  
Mika Michael J   SFC 01/01/69   S-3    
Smith Gary L   SFC 08/13/69 04/01/70 S-3 NCO SP5?  
Lowe John C   MSG 09/01/69 01/09/70 S-3 NCO HHC?  
Creger Joseph R 'Rod' CPT 11/06/69 04/07/70 S-3 ASST or SOG  
Caldwell Robert E   CPT 01/18/70 09/25/70 S-3 ASST    
Cortelyou Richard W   SSG 03/01/70 03/01/71 S-3 NCO    
Helmling Richard T   CPT 03/09/70 08/03/70 S-3 ASST    
Abdalla Steven J   CPT 04/01/70 04/01/71 S-3 ASST    
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